Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is probably wrong for me to show you all this but the comedy of it wont allow me not to, if you look close at her hands I think she is trying to sign somthing to someone. I did not have anything to do with this one she was photographed by the nurse not me, I was not even there.

I get this look alot.

Somtimes it takes two to please her.

Jane had to go under the lights, looks like she is catching a tan.

Awwww, how

Jane Elizabeth Bingham was born July 31, 2009 at 5:03am. She weighed in at 9 lbs 4.8oz and was 21 inches long. Needless to say we are so excited and happy to have her in our lives. As you can see she came out pretty big, but Alida did a great job working through the pain of child birth and is recovering well. The nights are long and sleep is a precious commodity at the Bingham home. Just as we start to get a schedule Jane wakes up and changes her pattern, we hope to get regular sometime in the next 18 or 30 years. I know everyone is anxious to see more pictures so here they are. Thanks to everyone who has sent their best wishes and advice we love you all.

How cute, mother and daughter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aaron said that I has to take my turn captioning the pictures. At the end of our trip, we stayed overnight in Memphis, TN. We figured that we had seen the Jazz Clubs in New Orleans, so we had to stop off at the home of the Blues. We toured Beale Street, had some barbecue, and rode on the trolley. It was amazing. The first picture is me eating ice cream while waiting for the trolley. The second is the view from our way over priced hotel room that we got stuck with because the NCAA tournament was in town. The third is Aaron at Rendezvous restaurant after eating his rack of ribs. Tasty... and the perfect recipe for heartburn. Aaron is also wearing the shirt he bought in New Orleans, one of the MANY t shirts that he owns from all the places we have visited. Ultimately, it was fun just being together and on the road.


These guy's were playing for tips outside of the building that the Louisiana purchase was signed. I could have listened to them all day they were pretty funny to.

Alida and I found out that we are going to be having a baby girl. Doctor says that everything looks good, all body parts are accounted for and she is healthy.
Bellow are some photos from our spring break vacation to New Orleans. We had a very good time and my driving only scared Alida a couple of times.
Alida is finally over being sick all the time and has managed to not throw up for quit some time now. Her only complaint is that she is tiered. Teaching early morning seminary probably has allot to do with that. Only two more months left until school is over and she will be relived from teaching seminary.
This guy has 3 legs and half a tail, he spent some time on our tent.
This oak tree is @ Oak Ally Plantation and is 300 years old

Having a Beinga (benya) at the famous Cafe Du Monde'


This is about all we can show of Bourbon st.

New Orleans from the ferry

Waiting for the ferry

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just checkin in with everyone, Alida is doing fine. I am sure if she was the one writing this blog she would tell you that she is sick and tired and tired and sick. Poor girl has been throwing up for most of the pregnancy. We are at week 17 now and when we hit the 20th week we can get a good picture of the baby and see what sex it is. If she does not start feeling better I think the odds of a second baby are not looking very good.
On a different note, Alida and I bought a new tent. It is pretty big I thought maybe we could sell the house and live in it but I was quickly out voted on that one.